A great kindergarten site. This is one of those sites that will interest you for hours…there are just so many great ideas. Have fun!


A Kindergarten Teacher’s Website This is a site from a kindergarten teacher and I could see that there were lots of ideas with themes that you might be interested in. Have fun.


ABC Teach…lesson plans galore!
This site is loaded with lesson plans for all different themes…even ice cream! Have some fun here.
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Activity Sheets by Spectrum
Check out this site for some quick and easy worksheets…they are great to send home for funwork at the end of the week.
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Get lessons on line, a great place to search out ideas, a newsletter and more links. Have fun!
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I thought that some of the worksheets on this site were cute. See for yourself…I thought they would make great little booklets to use in your class for enrichment. Take a look!
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Best on The Web for Teachers
This is a site that will keep you busy all day having fun, finding some wonderfully exciting sites. There are many sites just for kindergarten teachers so have a great time!
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California State Univ. Library Reference for Kindergarten Teachers
This site has literally everything you could ever want…once you visit this site you will definitely want to come back. There are links there to every site you could ever need in Kindergarten. I love this site!
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Canadian Kids Page
Check out the kids karaoke on this. I love it…you can get your kids reading the words to the songs and singing the tunes…this is a great one to send home to their parents. I think it would also be fun to try out some of the songs in class. You can learn them yourself on here and then use the music for the backup in class…there is a volume control…so the class can sing along. Have some fun! Lots more things on this site too!
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Carl’s Corner
This is truly the most amazing site for ideas…You really will find so many interesting things on this site. I love the word family ideas. Check this out for sure!
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This is a great link for teachers to find articles for parents in their class. This site deals with child development, talking with moms etc. I would use this site as a resource for information for my newsletters etc. Check it out.
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A discipline model for handling over 100 discipline problems at school and at home. A great place for advice.
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DLTK’s Crafts for Kindergarten
There are loads of activities and printables on this site…you will surely be at this site for hours checking out all the ideas and links!
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Dr. Jean Feldman’s Site
Wait til you see all the amazing things that Dr.Jean has for you to see. I have used one of her books for years as a resource for fingerplays. She has books and CD’s available that will definitely enrich your program. Click here to find some great new materials and ideas!
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Education World
This is a site that I found because it has templates for parent newsletters….but there are some wonderful other items on this site…making it a great one to click on. Have fun!
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Enchanted Learning Site
Yes ….this is the site with all the themes and helpful hints. It is especially amazing for anyone doing a dinosaur unit. I love how it is organized and I am sure you will love it too.
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ESL Site with loads of Ideas
I came upon this wonderful site for all kindergarten teachers. It is great for all your students, but it is especially helpful if you have some ESL students. This is a terrific site. Have some fun here.
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Everything Preschool
Thank you to my friend Christy for this great link. Here you will find lessons for each letter of the alphabet…and more!
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Fingerplays and Action Rhymes Site
Here is a site that you will enjoy with lots of words to fingerplays and action rhymes.
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Games, quizzes, labs and puzzles for kids, parents and teachers. Have fun at this site…you can play for hours!
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An exciting array of games to explore…and more! They have just changed the link to their site and here is the new one. Enjoy!
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I Love That Teaching
This is a newly discovered site that is definitely loaded with great ideas. Click on it and have some fun discovering new and exciting ideas for your classroom
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Inside Kindergarten
I just love all the places that you can visit on this site….I know that you will too! Check it out and have fun!!
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Jamie Solley’s Kindergarten Class
Well …you all know how much I love this site because I have talked about Jamie so often…have fun at this site!!!
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Joe Scruggs Music and Videos
I really love the music that Joe plays for kids. Hope you like it too. I know that my kids in my classes really do…that is for sure!
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Judi The Manners Lady
Here is the link to Judy the Manners Lady…there is also a “manners club” for children to join and feel special. You will find all this info at her site. Have fun! Good manners matters!
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Kelly Beggs Kindergarten Class Site
Another opportunity to check into another great kindergarten and see some neat things happening. Check it out…you’re sure to enjoy it! Kelly and I chat on line about kindergarten.
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Kididdles-Songs for Children
I think this is a really helpful site for learning lyrics and tunes to many delightful songs that are suitable for Kindergarten.
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Clip Art, Worksheets, Crafts and Games….and more. Lots to see…enjoy!
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KIds Soup Art Ideas
Here is a very sweet website with lots of themes and art ideas. Have fun!
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Kinder Korner
A very creative and colourful site. It is very useful and fun. Kinder Korner is owned by Victoria Smith, an educator and freelance writer who teaches kindergarten and first grade in California.
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Kinder Teacher .com
This site is awesome…Linda..the creator and I have just met and we have so many common interests…I know that if you like my site…you will love hers too!!! Way to go Linda!
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Kinder Themes
Need some help with your themes in your classroom? Here is the place to look for themes each month! There are just so many ideas to explore.
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Kindergarten Connection
Lots of valuable resources for Kindergarten Teachers-Lesson Plans, Book Reviews, Other Links etc.
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Kindergarten Literacy Site
When I came across this site today, I was compelled to share it with all of you. There are so many ideas for literacy in Kindergarten, I know that you will be immersed in learning as you peruse this wonderful site!
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Kindergarten Readiness
Here is a link to a wonderful book that has been prepared by a teacher in California, Jackie Morris. This book is very helpful for parents of pre K and K students. There are teaching suggestions for parent and teachers and I think it is an excellent resource book. Check out the details at this site.
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This is a great site with lots of ideas and links for educators and parents alike. You will enjoy all the special features. Have fun visiting this fantastic site! You will love all the links on the links page!
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Literacy Excellence Site
Nellie Edge’s Excellence in Kindergarten Literacy is a fabulous site for ideas. I am proud to be listed on her site! Check out all the sites that she recommends for ideas and you will be busy for a whole weekend of learning. Thanks Nellie!!!
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Love Two
This is a great site. There are loads of activities and great ideas on here. Click on this link and have fun!
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Mr. Fontanella’s Kindergarten
This is one of my new discoveries and I really like this site. You will also enjoy the links that he will send you to. This is another valuable resource site. Here you will be able to visit other classes too!
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Mrs. Buchel’s Kindergarten Class!
I love this site and I think you will too! Mrs. Buchel’s Kindergarten Class…a great site to see how a classroom kindergarten sets up a website that works well for children, parents and other teachers. Lots to learn here! A delightful site!
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Mrs. Sirois’ Country Kindergarten
This is a site that has many many ideas. You will want to spend hours on this site clicking and learning. She has a huge selection of links that you will want to visit as well. This is a starting point for a whole day of Kinder discovery. Have fun!
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Mrs. Smith’s Kindergarten Page
This site has some very interesting pages that I think you will enjoy exploring. I did…have fun!
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Mrs. Williamsons Homepage
A good site for more links to other kindersites….you will be on the computer for hours!!!!
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Picture book reference
Always a useful guide when you are looking to find storybooks.
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Pre School
You’ll love the ideas that you will find here. Many seasonal tips to use in the classroom. A fun site for sure!
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PreK Fun
Here is a great link for theme fingerplays and songs….I am sure you will pick up lots of ideas here!
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Preschool Coloring Book and more…
This site has connections to a few preschool sites that are very interesting and helpful.
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Preschool Education Site
This is another site that I think you will love visiting. You will be on here for hours checking out all the activities and ideas. Have fun!
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Preschool Rainbow
I fyou want some exciting ideas…here is a place where you will get loads of them…and fingerplays too!
pastedGraphic_100.pdf pastedGraphic_101.pdf
There are so many wonderful things on this site…I am sure that you will enjoy printing out some of the many worksheets. Have a great time visiting this site!
pastedGraphic_102.pdf pastedGraphic_103.pdf
You will have a lot of fun going to several great kinder sites with this one!
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Songs 4 Teachers
If you love songs and poems in your classroom this is a real gem. You can even get poems made up for you…just send in details and a poem will be created for your needs.
pastedGraphic_106.pdf pastedGraphic_107.pdf



Songs for Teaching
This site says it will love it. I adore Tom Chapin’s albums and my class always loved the song Alphabet Soup…check it out!
pastedGraphic_108.pdf pastedGraphic_109.pdf



Starfall for early readers
This site is wonderful for early readers. It is great to have set up in your classroom…the kids love it! check it out yourself…it is great for kids at home too!
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Storytime Site
Get some ideas for storytime and there are even some activities for after the story. You will get lots of neat ideas from this site. Happy storyreading!
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A great teaching tools. Lots of online activities for teachers. You will find this very helpful indeed.
pastedGraphic_114.pdf pastedGraphic_115.pdf



Teacher Web
This is the place to make your own classroom website. Heather, our December featured Kindergarten teacher, made a website for her class using this method and it is amazing. Try it!
pastedGraphic_116.pdf pastedGraphic_117.pdf



Teach-nology Worksheets and stuff
This site has lots of ideas and great worksheets if you want some ideas! Check it out!
pastedGraphic_118.pdf pastedGraphic_119.pdf



The Holiday Zone
If you are looking for fingerplays and craft ideas…this is one the places to visit! Some of the sweetest fingerplays are there with every possible theme you could imagine!
pastedGraphic_120.pdf pastedGraphic_121.pdf



The K Crew
This is the link that I told you about in the news. You will find a lot of great themes all nicely organized for you here.
pastedGraphic_122.pdf pastedGraphic_123.pdf



The New York Library-100 Picture Books
These are the 100 picture books that everyone should read. It is a handy reference and would be excellent to share with parents in your class or other teachers.
pastedGraphic_124.pdf pastedGraphic_125.pdf



The Ontario Teachers Staffroom Site
I came across this site during one of my searches and thought that Ontario Teachers would enjoy this webring. Take a peek.
pastedGraphic_126.pdf pastedGraphic_127.pdf



The Teacher List
“Mastering the web- one site at a time” This is a great site to visit where you will be able to link to lots of new sites for kindergarten teachers.
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