Are you a teacher that needs help with organization, classroom management and/or effective classroom set-up?
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Are you an administrator that wants to assist a teacher on your staff to be the best they can be?
Would you like to have Joanne Sleightholm visit your school and work with one or more teachers to heighten the motivation on your staff, reduce negativity and improve staff relations?
Is your classroom needing a lift?  Do you want to redesign your room to add sparkle and enthusiasm to your everyday experience and that of your students?
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Joanne Sleightholm is a world renowned Consultant/Coach for teachers and she has successfully changed the lives of hundreds of teachers as they develop their teaching skills and improve the quality of their careers as educators.

Joanne has been a recipient of several teaching awards. She received an award from the Prime Minister and also from TVOntario for her exemplary work in the classroom.  Joanne has given presentations in both Canada and US on the qualities of an excellent classroom teacher. 
Joanne has been nominated twice for an Order of Ontario for her outstanding work to improve education at the classroom level in this province.

Her Best Practices presentation has been presented to large audiences of beginning teachers and seasoned teachers and widely represents the powerful and positive impact that Joanne has had on many educators.

For ten years, Joanne has worked as a coach/consultant to improve the quality of teaching skills at every level.
She works from JK to high school and the results are always positive.

Joanne gained international recognition this year in her campaign against Bullying with a memorable presentation with her daughter. Madeleine.  “Bringing Exclusion to a Conclusion” attracted the attention of the media for the powerful impact it had in changing students’ lives.

Joanne is the founder of a website for Kindergarten Teachers that has been running for ten years, called